29 August 2008

A Slow Week

There hasn't been very much to report, spiritually speaking, this week. I had intended to visit the local Episcopal church on Sunday to observe their services... but my parents visited, and I changed my schedule. At the risk of sounding ambivalent (well, I am) I suppose that I may simply have to resign myself to belonging to liberal church. There are many other things about Unity that I do appreciate, after all.
As it turns out, my job will have me in Kansas City for most of the month of September. The "headquarters" of Unity Christian Church--Unity Village--is just outside of Kansas City; perhaps I'll have the opportunity to blog about a visit there.

22 August 2008

Friday, 22 August 2008

Morning Meditation:
15 minutes of Relaxation Response followed by the QC. I can feel my proficiency with the RR increasing as I use it. Of course, I'm still very "noisy," but I'm relaxing into it. Right now, all of my meditations are performed lying down, so that I'm not distracted by muscle tension. After I feel that I've returned to a decent level of proficiency, I'll start working in half-lotus, and then hopefully I'll get back into full lotus eventually.
I've cut back my Rosicrucian exercise from the LBRP to just the QC. I'm re-learning several skills at once, and I'd rather have a good visualization with the QC before moving on, than rush into longer practices with poor projection.

21 August 2008

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Morning Meditation
20 minutes of Relaxation Response meditation (IAO)

Autogenic Arm Relaxation
My right arm is very heavy. (x5)
My left arm is very heavy. (x5)
Both my arms are heavy as lead. (x5)
Everything is normal. (x3)

19 August 2008

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Morning Meditation
20 minutes of Relaxation Response meditation (IAO)
Bible Reading: Matthew 16-18
Here Yeshua starts to prepare his followers for His impeding crucifixion. Moses and Elijah appear and spend the day with the apostles--although Yeshua also says that Yokhannon (John) the Essene was the return of Elijah referred to in the Old Testament (I learned "Yokhannon" today; I'll try to be consistent in using it). Although some people take issue with a passage in Mt 16 where Yeshua states that "There are men who stand here who will not taste death, until they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom," the real problem should be with Elijah.
After all, Yeshua appeared to his followers in a blinding light after His crucifixion; "appearing in his kingdom," as it were. However, the re-appearance of Elijah is supposed to herald the end of the world.

Autogenic Arm Relaxation
My right arm is very heavy. (x5)
My left arm is very heavy. (x5)
Both my arms are heavy as lead. (x5)
Everything is normal. (x3)

These autogenic exercises I'm doing are from a book called Power Hypnosis by Pierre Clement. Good luck finding a copy--it's been out of print for years. Autogenic induction seems to have gone out of vogue.
I found this book when my parents moved and cleaned out some of their storage; I had previously used it to good effect when I was in high school and college. I wish I had continued my practice--but I fell out of a lot of good habits in Boot Camp, I'm afraid. The skill of self-hypnosis is not coming back to me as quickly as I first acquired it, but it is returning.

Afternoon Meditation
20 minutes of Relaxation Response meditation (IAO)
Although I'm not currently affiliated with any Rosicrucian bodies, I'm going to try to start working Rosicrucian exercises back into my daily routine. I don't think it will be much of a problem... at least until I register for classes in September! For right now, I'm limiting myself to one session daily.

Blue Lodge
We did a first-degree initiation tonight. I didn't participate this time, but I did get the recommendations I needed to enter the Scottish Rite in December.

14 August 2008

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Morning Meditation: 10 minute Relaxation Response
Matthew 14--The beheading of John the Essene; the miracles of loaves and fishes and walking on water.

10 August 2008

Sunday, 10 August 2008

No Church today! I'm at work--my schedule has been changed for the month due to scheduled absences of my co-workers.

06 August 2008

No Lodge Last Night...

... For me, at least. I went to a Neighborhood Watch meeting instead. I felt compelled to go; I keep getting invited and not showing up--I feel anti-social! Except for meeting my neighbors, however, it was a complete waste of time... Thankfully, I live in a very quiet neighborhood.

Definitely a step up from my last two residences!

01 August 2008

Shopping Around...

Well, I'll be at drill this weekend... but, given last weeks' Church fiasco, I've decided to start shopping around for congregations again. I suppose, should worst come to worst, I could attend the local Southern Baptist Church; although, truth be told, I see little advantage in doing so. They have as little relationship to the Apostolic, sacramental tradition of Christianity as the Unity Church, and would be wholly intolerant of my esoteric studies.
More interestingly, the Archbishop of Canterbury apologized to Freemasons in 2003--which should open up the Episcopal Church to me. I'll have to check them out again next week.

Not that I have a terrible problem with Unity as such--but last week's service was really embarrasing--both during and after. And if I'm going to Church, I'd prefer an apostolic, sacramental service over the evangelical service of Unity--even if Unity supports my other spiritual activities.

Then again, I still have to consider that, all things considered, Unity may constitute a true vocation for me.