30 June 2008

Third Quarter 2008

Although I will not do any additional training, such as SEE or the Rites, I will attend every Unity and Blue Lodge function I can this quarter. Further, every day at 1530 I will perform a 20 minute Relaxation Response session using IAO as my mantra. After this session, I will read three chapters from Lamsa's Bible from the Aramaic, or five chapters on Sundays.

29June 2008

Well, I attended my second service with the local Unity Christian Church, and I have to say, it was more enjoyable than the first. I had a great sense of energy and well-being for the rest of the day--whether that was simply due to returning to a congregation after so many years, or whether it is specific to Unity services, I do not know. I will say again that being a Gnostic attending Unity services is what it must be like for a Catholic to attend Protestant services--they hit all of the themes; they've even got some creative innovation going on... but they miss the deeper substance. Still, it is far and away better than having no church at all!

As for the service itself... I can't make this stuff up. The guest minister actually did a sermon on the relationship of Back to the Future and Harry Potter to the Acts of the Apostles. I think I have drill next week, but I'll be interested to see where this goes after that.

I was going to attend Lodge Tuesday night, but the JOC is finally standing down, and my schedule has been temporarily shifted to assist with the transition. Maybe I'll get to stop in on the 15th.

28 June 2008


I am still on SED for the flooding in Missouri. However, due to a random tweak of scheduling, I should be able to to attend both Church tomorrow and Lodge next Tuesday. If I can, I would like to start attending Lodge regularly enough to get elected to an office next year.

14 June 2008

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Morning Meditation

Afternoon Meditation


Saturday, 14 June 2008

I was called in to work early and missed my morning mediation.

Afternoon mediation (Relaxation Response)


12 June 2008

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I have elected to return to seriously attending Church (through the local Unity church) and Masonic Lodge. I will return to the spiritual training fundamentals of twice-daily Relaxation Response and daily self-hypnosis training.